I'm like a damsel, but i don't have the look so I get no sympathy

Jadyn Harris – Vocals

Jadyn HarrisA California native, I grew up in the San Francisco Bay Area, and while I currently reside in Dallas, I still feel a strong pull toward home. I began singing before I could talk, but I didn’t “study music” in the traditional sense. I studied ballet for about 11 years, but school music groups generally didn’t interest me, because the songs they performed weren’t in a style I enjoyed. I sang in school plays in elementary school and performed in my middle school choir for a year. I was the lead singer in the youth choir at my church during high school, but I dropped out in the summer before my senior year (it’s not a coincidence that I also had my first relationship at that time).

Since I had never learned to read music and really wanted to have a career in which I didn’t just sing other people’s songs, I attended San Francisco State University, where I earned a BA in Vocal Performance. After graduation, however, I promptly got a “grown up job” that had nothing to do with music. I moved to Texas in 2001 to take advantage of the better economy, and after developing carpal tunnel from being on a computer all the time, I found myself getting my certification as a music teacher! I now teach elementary music and I’m studying for my Master’s degree in Music Education at SMU. Call it the stars aligning: I love teaching!

In 2008, I formed the band Dusty Pilgrim with my girlfriend Ili Lagos (drums) and friends Melanie Llewellyn (lead guitar) and Jenny Bailey (rhythm guitar). We were together for several years and during that time, we wrote several songs, including “Sickness of Home,” about my constant homesickness for San Francisco, and “Wearing Thin.” In 2010, we brought Kelli in as bassist, and things really started to click! Kelli instantly “got us,” and we were thrilled to have her. We renamed ourselves Record Year 4 Rain and penned several new songs.

RY4R began to stagnate, however, due to disagreements over playing live and the scheduling conflicts of 5 women with day jobs. Kelli and I grew restless; we had both gone to school for music and wanted to take things further. We approached the rest of the band about the prospect of us going out as a duo, and KalicoJAK was born. KalicoJAK’s first original was “Way Off Base,” about the hazards and heartache of having an illicit affair.

I have written all the lyrics and melody for the three bands’ songs, and you may have noticed a theme: they’re sad. Some of our songs started off with me totally intending to write something happy. But somewhere along the way, the words just come out depressed! I’m fascinated by the general darkness that I feel drives many human beings toward their decisions in life.

Some of my songs are based on real-life situations, and some are purely fictional. “Save Me,” for instance, is about a fictional person who has distanced herself so completely from others that she becomes stranded and unable to connect to anyone, eventually losing a lover who moves on to find happiness elsewhere. “Wearing Thin” was written the morning after a particularly difficult night in my life. That night, I was literally sitting in the dark with a glass of wine, because the sun had gone down and I was too upset to get up and turn on a light. So, “all alone in the dark/with my thoughts/can’t tell if the absence of light/comes from the room/or my mind” seemed like a natural beginning. The sadness seems to work for us, because people respond to our music…I guess I’m not destined to find happiness through my pen.

I am so excited about the direction our music is taking, and can’t wait for the next chapter!