I'm like a damsel, but i don't have the look so I get no sympathy

Kelli Coleman – Guitar

Kelli ColemanI had my first piano lesson at the age of six and was told I’d never be a musician. I hated the tedium of timed practice, but was enthralled by the sounds I could make with an instrument. Though I did give up the piano a few years later, I immediately picked up the guitar. As a child, I would play “Proud Mary” for as many rounds as my parents could stand. I then joined the school band on Trombone and a couple short years later begged my parents for a Bass Guitar so I could join a rock band. I taught myself to play bass by reading my trombone music from marching band. At the age of 15, I joined my first rock band, “Feel the Cactus.” We played some local shows and the excitement and satisfaction of entertaining those small crowds never left me. At the age of 18, I left my West Virginia home and moved to Denton, Texas to pursue a music degree from the University of North Texas. I graduated with a Bachelor of Music degree in Trombone Performance and played in area ensembles for a couple years, but missed the buzz and energy one could create via the rock genre. By a mutual friend, I was given Jadyn Harris’ phone number with the encouragement to contact her about joining the band she had at the time. While driving to meet and have our first rehearsal together I received a text, “Do you like coffee?” “Yes, Indeed.” We became fast friends and felt an instant musical connection. The first song we wrote together was “Save Me” and will be included on our first EP. Today, I fill my days with long runs, writing stories and songs, and being a social deviant. My dream has always been to find a way to live life to my creative potential. The road I took to get there was curvy and rough, but I try to hold true to that in my each and everyday.